Electrical Services 


New Construction
We can help you take your project from the drawing board to reality.


Sometimes starting from scratch is not the best option.  We can help transform your existing structure into a functional and practical space.


Service Work
Whether it is changing a light bulb or an entire panel, our service department is second to none.


Building Maintenance
We can help keep your facility up and running 24/7.  Our team will work with your existing staff, or on an as needed basis to maintain or upgrade your buildings critical systems both inside and out.


Lighting Design
With over 200 years of combined experience we know what works and what does not when it comes to lighting your home or office.  Let us help guide you down the daunting path of functional, decorative, or code mandated lighting design.


Generator Sizing & Installation
With more than 300 generators installed to date, some call us the benchmark for generator expertise in South Florida.  If you need a 10KW partial house or a 4,000KW to power your industrial complex we are the company to call.


Site Lighting 
From monthly parking lot maintenance to interstate and highway lighting construction, when it comes to exterior illumination, we have the ability to meet any demand.


Our lives are becoming further synchronized with technology.  We understand the need to keep pace with this growing trend.  In both residential and commercial applications control and integration are becoming the norm.  We can provide the knowledge and experience to customize your project to suit your needs.


It is often overlooked and underappreciated, but general lighting is a critical element in our lives.  Big or small, if you can imagine it, we can bring it to light. 


Also find out about our equipment services.


Contact us with any questions about our services.