Hello Kyle,

Ryan and I would like to thank you for going "above and beyond" on our behalf concerning our electrical issue with the home inspection company required for our home owners insurance. 

Because of delays from both the insurance company and the inspection company they recommended, we were uncomfortably close to the deadline for getting homeowners insurance because our previous company was pulling out of the area. We needed to get an inspection approval and find a new company quickly. 

Your prompt actions to defend the electrical work done on our home resulted in the inspection company approving the way the work was done. They sent us a new report with no mention of the double taps and we were able to get insurance within our time limit. 

The fact that you stepped in, on your own, and called them on the issue, and then provided the proof to back up the work, shows your integrity and professionalism. You definitely stand behind your work! 

With gratitude,

Ray and Lorayne Osborne

Dear Pam & Kyle,

You people are the greatest!! It was such a pleasure to deal with a punctual and reliable company that you can trust to do the job right!! Jim and I really thank you.




Mr. Mcafee,

I appreciate your kindness to this stressed out old woman. I am mailing a contribution to Easter Seals and Komen for the Cure as the “pass it on” that you suggested. You and Mr. Mayer are very kind people.



Pauline Persing